Tuesday, August 4, 2009

faction specific guides!

well now we are getting to the section on faction specific guides, so far joana's for horde, and brian kopps for alliance are leading the pack, i highly reccomend checking those out. they have helped my playing greatly!


ok, so here it is the skinny, 2 of the best guides i have ever found, i have links for to the right of the page. GO AND GET THEM, they are amazing, they have increased my playing efficiency 200%!
now i'm afraid if i divulge too much information i'll get sued or something, so i won't say very much. but the leveling guide changed my entire experience, if you just do certain easy and close together grouped quests and not just every single one you see, it's a much better experience!

ok guys heres the down low

well, this blog is going to be dedicated to 2 things, and 2 things only. Computers and World of Warcraft. the first couple posts are going to be about which guides will just waste your time, and which will actually help you.